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Scientific American

1/01/2022 - Potty Training Cows and Other Messy Stories From the Animal Kingdom - Scientific American

12/17/2021 - Tweaks to U.S. Christmas Trees Could Help Them Survive Climate Change - Scientific American

12/01/2021 - Soil Microbe Could Clean Up Nuclear Waste - Scientific American

11/18/2021 - Mystery of Doomed Sardine Migration is Finally Solved - Scientific American

11/12/2021 - Half of the World's Sewage Pollution Flows From A Few Dozen Places - Scientific American 

11/10/2021 - How An Award-Winning Science Illustrator Weaves Emotions Into Science - Scientific American

10/28/2021 - Muddier Rivers Are Jeopardizing Dams and Water Quality For Millions - Scientific American

10/18/2021 - Cigarette Smoke Kills Eye Cells - Scientific American

10/05/2021 - Physics Nobel Honors Breakthroughs in Understanding Climate and Other Complex Systems - Scientific American (shared byline)

09/22/2021 - Winged Microchips Glide Like Tree Seeds - Scientific American

09/22/2021 - The Nail-Biting Journey of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Is About To Begin - Scientific American 

08/01/2021 - Martian Crust Could Sustain Life Through Radiation - Scientific American

04/01/2021 - Data Show Shifting Colors of U.S. Rivers - Scientific American

Science News

09/24/2021 - Rice feeds half the world. Climate change's droughts and floods put it at risk - Science News

09/07/2021 - A pinch of saturated fat could make tempering chocolate a breeze - Science News

09/02/2021 - Some wasps' nests glow green under ultraviolet light - Science News

08/27/2021 - An incredibly resilient coral in the Great Barrier Reef offers hope for the future - Science News

08/25/2021 - This big-headed pterosaur may have preferred walking over flying - Science News

08/20/2021 - 'Ghost games' spotlight the psychological effect fans have on referees - Science News

07/29/2021 - Dinosaur-killing asteroid may have made Earth's largest ripple marks - Science News

07/21/2021 - How intricate Venus's-flower-baskets manipulate the flow of seawater - Science News

07/08/2021 - How Romanesco cauliflower forms its spiraling fractals - Science News

07/07/2021 - A tweaked yeast can make ethanol from cornstalks and a harvest's other leftovers - Science News

06/30/2021 - Fossilized dung from a dinosaur ancestor yields a new species - Science News

06/24/2021 - For some dinosaurs, the Arctic may have been a great place to raise a family - Science News

06/18/2021 - A satellite's view of a deadly 2019 eruption could improve volcano monitoring - Science News

06/15/2021 - As 'phantom rivers' roar, birds and bats change their hunting habits - Science News


05/25/2021 - Air pollution helps wildfires create their own lightning - Science

05/14/2021 - Mammals can breathe through their intestines - Science

05/06/2021 - Sharks use Earth's magnetic field to navigate the seas - Science

04/26/2021 - Sponges can crawl, but it costs them bits of their own bodies - Science

04/20/2021 - Nuclear fallout is showing up in U.S. honey, decades after bomb tests - Science

04/09/2021 - Honey bees rally to their queen via 'game of telephone' - Science

12/16/2020 - Fossilized lightning bolts reveal when ancient storms struck - Science

The Scientist

05/12/2021 - While Some Sharks Flee, Tiger Sharks Brave the Stormy Seas - The Scientist

Inside Science News Service

04/01/2021 - The Dawn of the Forests Brought Waves of Death to the Oceans - Inside Science News Service

03/12/2021 - Stalagmite Chronicles Climate Whiplash in California's Past - Inside Science News Service

03/01/2021 - A Crucial Ingredient in Early Life May Have Gushed Out of Deep-Sea Vents - Inside Science News Service

02/12/2021 - Martian Dust Storms May Glow in the Dark - Inside Science News Service

01/26/2021 - Acidic Volcanic Lakes May Have Been Safe Harbor For Early Life - Inside Science News Service

Mercury News

12/19/2020 - In wake of summer wildfires, Santa Cruz Mountains residents brace themselves for winter rains - Mercury News

Monterey Herald

12/26/2020 - Elkhorn Slough: Why restoring Hester Marsh is important - Monterey Herald

12/12/2020 - Study: Earthquakes tied to oil operations in the Salinas Valley - Monterey Herald

11/22/2020 - Butterfly Town: Trying to find the missing monarchs - Monterey Herald

11/13/2020 - Closing the CEMEX plant: The sands will be shifting - Monterey Herald

11/09/2020 - Exploring the mystery of bioluminescent blooms - Monterey Herald

11/06/2020 - The post-wildfire threat: Debris flows and flash floods - Monterey Herald

11/03/2020 - The sardine war hits a lull, but the tides are rising - Monterey Herald

10/20/2020 - Picking pumpkins on the peninsula amidst the pandemic - Monterey Herald 

University of California Santa Cruz - Science Notes

09/18/2021 - The Plight of Rice - UCSC Science Notes

Good Times Santa Cruz

07/20/2021 - How Santa Cruz County's Vaccine Push Paid Off - Good Times Santa Cruz (shared byline)

Eos Magazine

12/09/2020 - Will Rising Temperatures Make Rice Too Toxic? - Eos Magazine


12/02/2020 - The glaciers of the Greenland Ice Sheet are running away - Mongabay

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