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You can find all of my work for Science News on my author page, here

Before joining SN, I covered a various areas of science for Scientific AmericanScienceInside Science, Mongabay, The Scientist, the San Jose Mercury NewsEos Magazine and the Monterey Herald. You can find a bit of that work below. 


March 1, 2022

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN -- Humans have shifted the weight of life in the sea


December 17, 2021

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN -- International species and selective breeding methods are helping to preserve the evergreen tradition


October 28, 2021

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN -- Climate change is flushing more sediment into the rivers that pour out of Asia’s high mountains


September 22, 2021

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN -- Before it can study the first stars and galaxies, the observatory must endure a sea voyage, a rocket launch and an all-or-nothing deployment sequence in deep space


August 12, 2021

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN -- Meteorites reveal that so long as groundwater is present, the Martian subsurface is habitable.


May 25, 2021

SCIENCE -- Finding could have wide-ranging ramifications for weather patterns


May 12, 2021

THE SCIENTIST -- For the first time, scientists tracked large shark movements during hurricanes and found that tiger sharks may find the turmoil opportunistic for feeding.

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